MK Sound provides a quality service based on years of experience, and knowledge of sound and music. We don’t just show up at an event to play the same playlist over and over. We take our time, and study music based on a questionnaire that you fill out. Each person is unique, and therefore each party is unique.

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Ceremony Service



The Ceremony is the center of your wedding, and it’s important that everyone can hear the Pastor, or Justice of Peace. We provide a wireless mic for the vows, and also a headset for the officiator. We also provide music for the wedding parade.



Pricing depends on the service that is needed. Please contact us with as much details as possible for a quote.



MK Sound makes it your party. We don’t just play a playlist; each party is customized by a questionnaire that you fill out. We have over 42,000 songs in our music library, and we do take requests.


We also have a few different packages to meet your budget, therefore we would love to meet up with you, talk about your party, and price out the right package for you. Click here to contact us.


We take our business seriously, and have a full license to play music in a group setting.

Master of Ceremonies

Why hire an MC? Well there are lots of reasons.


First of all, I’ve done sound for weddings for many years, going way back even before MK Sound. I have lots of experience, and know how to make the evening run as smooth as possible.


Second, by hiring a professional MC, you won’t burden your friend into doing it, making your wedding better for him/her.


Third, some MC’s forget that it's a celebration of the couple, and instead of highlighting their achievements, they may focus on their mistakes. I’ve seen this time and time again where the wedding reception has become making fun of the couple at their expense. I will not highlight mistakes, and I'll be respectful to the couple while

making it a good time for all.

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